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Best Sports for Arthritis 

Arthritis can be very painful. When arthritis symptoms flare up, even the smallest movements can be painful. However, one of the best treatments for arthritis is exercise. You can probably see the problem there. It hurts to move but to ease the pain you have to keep moving. Joining a sports team can help those who suffer with arthritis get the exercise that they need. The fun and comradery that comes with playing a team sport can offer a great distraction from the pain of arthritis. Some good sports for those with arthritis are listed below.




Golf does not get enough credit for being the great workout that it is. If you opt for carrying your own gear, you can burn nearly five hundred calories in hour. Playing  golf works a lot of muscles that you wouldn't imagine that it does such as the ones in your lower back. There is a lot of stretching involved also, which really limbers you up. In addition to the pain of arthritis, many sufferers deal with stiffness because they are unmotivated to move due to pain. Golfing gently kneads wound up muscles to make them nice and loose.




Tennis is another great sport because of how tennis moves really stretch muscle. Tennis can be a very high-impact sport. Professionals hit balls that clock in at over a hundred miles an hour but it doesn't have to be that intense. If you're new to tennis or concerned about overdoing it, you can always dial it back a notch. It's not important whether or not you can volley like Serena Williams or that you have a power backhand. All that matters is that you're moving. You can also visit if you need more information about the topic.




Swimming is hands-down the best sport for those suffering with arthritis. With most sports at, you need to continue playing before you can feel the positive effects. And you might even have to suffer through some additional pain intentionally before things get better. But swimming actually alleviates joint pain immediately.


Water makes you weightless. And a lot of the pain that people with arthritis have is just the pressure of their body weight on their joints. Submerging yourself in water lifts that weight off of your joints. Even when your arthritis pain is at its worse you can still get the exercise you need by swimming. If you've been wanting to be more active but your arthritic pain is just too intense, start with swimming and work your way up to the higher-impact Siegfried and Jensen sports such as golf and tennis.